Using Dxishell Used To Work, But Now Doesn't!

I used to use Dream Station DXi in Renoise thanks to a small application called dxishell which provided a wrapper for it to be used like a VST. Recently I’ve found that the ability to do this has seemingly gone. It struck me that maybe Renoise itself had changed, so I tried to download version 1.8 (which I started with) and sure enough the dxi wrapper works fine, but in 2.0 it doesn’t! I don’t know exactly when it was, maybe 6-8 months ago that this occured, but obviously there is a change in the new version (and possibly 1.9 as I don’t remember exactly when this function stopped) which disallows the functioning of the dxi wrapper.

I would really like to use Dream Station again in Renoise, and I’m sure there are others out there who would like to use dxi instruments (by the way, the dx wrapper which is for effects only still works fine), and would appeal to tactic to have a look at this and hopefully it will be easy to fix.

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Did you check if renoise have blacklisted the plugin?
You could try check out the cachedFailed file in application data folder.
If so, try to edit or delete the file.

Thanks for your reply Psyj, I tried what you suggested but it didn’t change anything…

To be sure that you’ve deleted the right cache:
Open the Renoise preferences > misc/vst -> rescan and make sure the “rescan previously failed plugins” option is set.

If it still doesnt show up you might want to take a look into the Renoise log file. If the plugin is installed, a note why exactly it failed to open should be listed there after the rescan. To show the log click on “Help” > “Show Log File…” in Renoise.

Hi tactic,
Thanks for that, I will have a look when I get onto my music pc this evening. One thing I would say is that the plugin does load but whereas in 1.8 the full GUI of Dream Station comes up, in 2.0 (and I think 1.9) there is only the small generic blue box (presumably Renoise’s own vst window) with ‘no parameters set’, no sound and no functionality. I will have a look at the log file later, though…
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Today I’ve tried the dxshell and DreamStation DXi2, and works fine here.
Please try re-download dxshell.…&highlight=

Thanks for the replies. I’m now 100% sure the problem lies within my own PC, rather than with Renoise, as I’ve just tried installing Renoise 2.0, dxishell and Dream Station dxi on another PC in the house and, sure enough, it worked first time! I think I need to uninstall Renoise completely, getting rid of all Application Data files etc, and then will see how it goes with a fresh install.
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Hi again,

Problem solved… it is still a bit mysterious, though.

Firstly I tried to separate the Dream Station and dxishell dlls into a different vst folder, so they weren’t with all my other vsts. I guessed that something in there was causing a problem. Initially this didn’t work, so I removed Renoise completely, then reinstalled it, and, viola!, as long as the Dream Station vst folder is kept separate it works! Bizarrely, if I put all the dlls into my main vst folder it does not work, so the solution is to keep them separate.

So, in conclusion, something in the config file was possibly causing a problem which had been originally created by the addition of something to my vst folder. Whatever that was I’m not really interested in trying to filter out, I’d rather make music instead!!

Thanks for the replies to this thread, and I can say that they definitely helped, as I hadn’t thought the problem was somehow within my own setup.
Best wishes to all,