Using Electric Guitar With Renoise

Having recently bought an M-Audio soundcard with several input/outputs i decided to plug in my electric guitar to see how it would sound. Whilst playing with renoise i notice the audio input function, so now im using renoise as a guitar fx box aswell as a tracker. The ability to automate diffrent fx add’s for endless fun (also costs a LOT less than a standard stomp box would) :yeah:

which effects are you using

I don’t own a guitar, but using a mic in a line-in device + effects & recording in the sample editor = endless fun.

Ive just been messing around with the internal fx in renoise. … combination of lo fi, filter, distortion, reverb and compression makes for a huge wall of noise

Yep, I am using an Electric Guitar with Renoise too!

you have to check out freeamp2 :

But before you do that, you have to post some fx-chains and presets with us.