Using FLAC files from a Renoise XNRS


I realised if I extract all XNRS files from a folder of tunes I’ve made, I can search the results for “folder:recorded” to see the samples I’ve recorded into renoise over the years.

Good news! I’ve found some amazing samples from hardware I’ve forgotten about, recorded in full as they were!

I need to use these FLAC files, but Audition is not recognising them, even with the flac filter installed. It WILL read the flac files which come in the Renoise Library with no problems.

Media Player plays most of them ok, but any with loud noises get massivly distorted. If I load the flac files in renoise, they all look and sound perfect.

Can anyone think why these files are not playing (ergo converting to wav) in my editor, when it loads the built in sounds fine?

How can I go about converting them??

Thanks in advance!

Hmm well they load into Ableton, where I can “crop clip” with nothing cropped - which puts them in the Cropped folder as WAVs :slight_smile:

Renoise uses a slightly customized version of the FLAC library to allow handling of 32bit files instead of only 16bit, might be those programs only use the default library and try to read the file anyway. It’s just a small header file change in the library, but a program needs to be recompiled to support those.