Using Gamepad In Renoise :)

Yeah strange idea but i found it works pretty nice for me. Little stearing console.

I took ps3 like pad 12 keys and programm called “joytokey”. Its simple i just binded space key on pad start key, mouse on one joystick arrow keys on second joy, Ctrl+z on other pad arrow left key etc. Esc for record on select. Few more keys left to bind.

I got my midi keyboard on side so no more need to turn around to grab mouse or pc keaboard :)

Great! I was thinking of doing this too. Actually I was thinking of using a force feedback steering wheel at one stage :) That would look pretty cool!

heheh turn right low pass cuttoff, turn left hp cutoff ;) or controlling LFO :)

I’d be really nice to connect the joy sticks to XY devices! Nice idea!
But unfortunately, I don’t have the USB cables for my wireless xBox controllers. :(

I found its pretty nice and fun to control pc with gamepad :) Wish there was little qwerty keyboard like in smartphones mounted in gamepad below hehe. This would be perfect :)

it’s been a long time I wanted to this ! thanks for pointing out joytokey!

I just found that joytomidi.
I’m testing it!

even better : joytomidi

Joy to midi? This is great thx :)

Damn doesnt work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This is my luck :P

It works well for me, I can control some faders with joysticks or buttons+joystick…
It’s really fun to use because if you are a videogame geek like I used to be, you feel really comfortable using a gamepad to make music!

You need a ‘midi pipe’ or a ‘virtual midi cable’ to send midi from Mjoy to Renoise, and you have to configure Mjoy to choose wich buttons trigger wich midi data.

I’m using Rejoice to control Renoise with a usb game-pad. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s still lots of fun for those who can’t afford a commercial midi-controller.

U can also use the gamepad to build something that looks more like a midi controller.
Here’s mine in a VHS case:

I wonder how well the Wiimote (as I call it) would work with Renoise.

Arcade buttons are awesome!

I’ve wanted to build something like this for a while, but more of a stompbox. Those kind of arcade buttons are more or less bomb proof, probably better than the buttons on most built for purpose midi controllers. The same goes for high quality gamepads. They are very durable. This is one of the things that really attracts me to them.

How well does your box work eeter?

On my pad i even binded q2we3… from so i got one octave from C to B and still navigation and start/stop record left and right click and mouse. And it very easy to get use to it :) Its fun :) Like i said in other topic instead guitar hero there will be renoise hero hehe :)