Using Kirnu MIDI VST FX In Renoise?

Dear developers, is it possible to use Kirnu in Renoise? If not, is this functionality likely to be implemented in the future? Many thanks.

Internal midi routing between plugins / instruments is not yet supported but this request has been passed so many times that it is hard to ignore it forever.
For now, tricks like loading this plugin into VST hosts like Energy Xt will resolve the midi routing between plugin issues (or use a virtual midi cable to route midi out to an external program that does allow the midi routing and then pass back the signal to Renoise using another virtual midi cable).

Thanks vV, as long as I know it’s coming some time in the future, that’s fine.
I will try the Renoise arpeggiator tool (forgotten its name), I expect that will be almost as good, if not just as good as Kirnu. I’d rather use a Renoise tool than Kirnu anyway.

oh man…thats really really sad…id like to use kirnu for example. internal midi routing between plugins is an important feature - devs really need to implement this!