Using kontakt with several outputs in Renoise

I got renosie 3 and a PC.

I have started to use a drumkit in kontakt and would realy like to send out the drums to seperate channels in renoise. no sucess so far tough. So i was wondering, is it possible to get more than one stereo-input from a VST to renoise and how do i choose the input for each channel? With the line in plugin do i only get the soundcard inputs.

Go to the Plugin section and expand the “Outputs & Routing” panel, and from there you can assign each of the plugin’s outputs to a specific track in Renoise. Also take care to assign the desired sounds to each channel/output within the plugin itself. Note: With some plugins it may be necessary to reload the plugin after changing its channel configuration, but you can usually just save your Renoise song and reload it to refresh things.

If the plugin is multi-timbral and you wish to trigger different voices separately, then you will also need to set up some plugin aliases linked to different MIDI channels. Please refer to the user manual for more details on this:

Example using Korg M1:

5372 renoise-plugin-routing.png

thanks for your reply dblue. I try to follow your explanation and will then get back to you.

Hi dblue. It worked. thanks a bunch! (i have not tried multitimbrality yet tough).

Edit: (problem solved)