Using Ladspa On Windows


I’m using Renoise as a composition platform for my soft synthesizer. That is, i sampled its instruments, then I use renoise to set up the envelopes, the notes/patterns and the track DSPs, and I use a custom python script to export the xrns file to C arrays :P .

The thing is, I ported my synth’s effects to LADSPA to be able to make my song sound in Renoise the exact way it would in the synth, but I can only use LADSPA on linux it seems, and I’m not the only one to compose for the synth (but the only one using Linux :lol: )

So my question is, is there any way to use those LADSPA plugs in Windows ? I already tried adding the line in config.xml, but no way.

Thanks in advance,


edit: seeing what “ladspa” means, it seems a bit of an idiot question, but as ladspa plugs compile flawlessly on windows, there might be hope :D

I think that you have a better chance of compiling your ladspa to VSTI plugins or VST effect plugins, also for the sake of distinguishment of these type of plugins…
ladspa are not known to be released for Windows in genera.
Also, Linux runs short on VST plugins in general, so you would also help out the Linux community by targeting your projects on VST plugins.

but LADSPA can be used in other hosts, in Buze for example so maybe it is possible somehow?