Using MIDI instruments

Dear all,

I would appreciate a piece of advise regarding MIDI instruments in Renoise. The problem (challenge, maybe?) is described in images below:

Your opinions and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

I think the trick is to find out how to create virtual midi ports in the patch bay and patch those virtual midi ports directly rather than trying to figure it out how to get these midi ports in that Fm8 block. If you can manage that, then simply find all the midi ins and outs in the patchbay and connect Renoise its outputs to the inputs of any virtual midi device and then select that virtual device in Fm8 its GUI as input.
I suspect the virtual midi devices should be created before opening Renoise and FM8.

Thank you vV. Indeed, virtual MIDI device is a solution. I found it can be created easily with

amidi -p virtual_device_name -d  

After invoking this command a block according to this virtual device is available in the Patchbay. Using it this is way is quite unhandy because it has to be reconnected every time a song is loaded. I guess it can be improved with Ladish session managment though. I will report progress here so others may benefit from this thread. Thanks again.

I don’t know how these work, but perhaps these links may be stored in some kind of config patch that can be reloaded or reapplied.
I’m curious if you find a solution, that would make it more complete to put a [solved] tag in the topic title.

After I played with this a bit I found this thread Linux: How To Use Native Windows Vsts and sadly hardly anything has changed since then. Surely we have Carla which is better at handling Windows VSTi’s but managing MIDI connections is still unhandy, every time I set up a new instrument I have to recreate all previous connections… Heh… this is not handy at all.

There should be help in setting up “sessions” that remember all the routing, it’s one of those other KX apps, not sure about it though because I haven’t used it yet.

But the connections drop in the very same session. Besides, one cannot load VSTi in Carla in LASH session because LASH don’t support jack multiclient mode at the moment. It is possible to run standalone version of FM8 with wine but it will not load preset on session start. So this suck. Maybe it will be resolved in future. For now, I’m returning to dualboot :(