Using Midi Mapping With Effects

Hi, I have recently bought a midi keyboard and I have managed to map the midi of the mixer controls to the keyboard, but when I map the effects to the midi keyboard they won’t save when I reload renoise even though I have saved a template.

I am new to renoise, and I have read the tutorials but can’t find why this is, and I don’t know if the effects midi don’t save for a reason, or it’s just me being stupid?


What effect doesn’t keep the mapping settings?
Mappings should be saved with all effects.
I have no troubles mapping them to any internal or external effect and then save a template. Mappings remain intact when restarting Renoise.

Hi, the effects I was trying to map and save was the filter 2 and delay to a Novation remote sl compact midi keyboard. But if you say that there should not be a problem to save the mapping then it must be something I am doing wrong, I’ll try again.