Using Midi With Ewql On Multiple Channels

Okay, so I’m fairly new to EWQL plugins and am having trouble. I’m trying to use one of the midi performance instruments (which I think are a set of preset instruments) in Stormdrum 2 via midi input from my Axiom 61. Once I load the midi perf. instr. into the VST instance, I can see the separate instruments (cymbals, drums, etc.) loaded all together and each one’s midi channel and output in the VST plugin. I’ve figured out that I can change the output settings for each instrument and set up the tracks in Renoise such that certain instruments always get played in certain tracks even when triggered from others.

Anyway, my problem is that I’m not sure how to use the instrument now. Whatever the channel is set to in the VST Instrument properties section dictates which instrument is being played. (if channel 1, then playing the keyboard will only play the cymbals, channel 2, only taiko drumset, etc.) Afaik Renoise does not store which channel the instrument was recorded under, so if I record some cymbals under channel 1 and then switch to channel 2 and playback, it plays the drums (which are set to channel 2 in the plugin) instead of the cymbals (still set to channel 1). Am I supposed to configure my keyboard to set that up, or am I doing it all wrong? I think I’m getting confused as to how the keyboard channels and renoise’s channels are related. Are they the same?

Thanks for your time.

You need to create an Alias of the VST instrument in a new instrument slot and in the alias, you set the Midi channel of the instrument set that you want to use.
I think you probably expect the VST plugin listening to the MIDI channel, in which it does, but Renoise only allows you to control one midi channel upon the current selected instrument.
If you want to play multiple instruments within the same VST, you have to make Renoise control different instrument slots holding an alias of the main VST plugin but each of them having a different midi channel assigned.

That’s exactly what I needed. Works great now, thanks.