Using Multiple Sends

Maube Im too stupid, but how can I use multiple sends in one track? Example: I have lead in one track, and I want to send it first to compressor (send 1), and then to reverb (send2). How is this done?
Sorry been pain in the ass :blink:

Put a send device in the send channel of the compressor to the reverb send. You can only route upwards e.g. S00 to S01, not S01 to S00.

if you want to create a “parallel” connection:
put two send devices in the track which you want to send to S00 and S01.

The first have to be sent to S00 and you have to Keep Source, in order to “pass” the sound over the first send device.

The second have to be sent to S01 and you can either keep or mute the source, either if you want the dry source to be kept or not.

This way, you will get two parallel-processed sources

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanx IT!

Very useful, i’ve thought that multiple sends could not be used this way.

But the lead sound, which he sends this way to the reverb send is not the compressed audio, or am i wrong.

I thought that he wanted to achive this:

Lead -> Compressor Send -> Reverb Send -> Master

With your method he would get this (parallel, as you said):

Lead -> Compressor Send -> Master
Lead -> Reverb Send -> Master

yes beatslaughter, the signal which reaches the reverb will not be compressed, that’s why I called it “parallel”.

I also thought he wanted that, but I described the other way just in case anyone didn’t know it

Yes, but what if I want to use that same send 0 (compressor) for bass? This way it adds reverb to it also.

Yes, i know it’s not very flexible. I really like the way of It-Alien for Delays, Reverbs and so on, but in case of a compressor i would probaly use multiple ones for subgroups of instruments. If audio needs to be compressed and i route a second uncompressed signal to a reverb, the peaks i wanted to get rid of would still be there.

Anyway, use as you like. :D

I’ve learned how to use multiple sends more elegant from this thread, thanks. B)

Is this possible in any way?
All you gurus out there, let me hear you!