Using OSC inside of Renoise

Howdy all, I’m wondering if anyone is using Renoise’s OSC internally? The Renoise OSC API docs says it “allows messaging across program boundaries” so I take that as meaning internally. I know OSC works fine when sent by an external program (Processing in this case using the oscP5 library). However, I’d like to port my Processing main program over to Lua as an .xrnx and keep the OSC messaging functionality if possible.

Any observations, musings or advice? Cheers.

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I wrote a tool that listens for custom OSC messages, but will also handle the default Renoise OSC messages by passing them on to the Renoise OSC server.

In OscJumper/OscDevice.lua the code looks if the incoming address pattern has a specific prefix. If it has a /renoise/ prefix it passes it on the internal Renoise OSC server.

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Thanks James for that and I’ll be sure take a look. I actually downloaded your renoise-ng github to take a look at your other stuff too. Gracias … :slight_smile:

As an aside, your book on OSC was quite helpful in getting me to grok OSC in the first place.

Cheers and stay well.

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Thank you!

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