Using Pitch Bend Wheel

Hi everyone. I’m using Renoise for about a month. A have a few questions about automation

(I’m using novation remote sl as midi controller)

  1. Why can’t I modulate pitch of the sample via pitch bend wheel on my midi controller? If I use vsti all works great, but if I using onboard drum machine (generate drum kit) pitch bend seems not working.

  2. Before renoise I produced music with Reason. What I liked there was that you can automate almost every knob slider and button there. Am I right that in renoise only very few parameters availible for automating? For example I can’t, using my novation, change loop position of my sample on the fly. Toggle volume envelope in instrument editor on or off via button on my MC? Playing music with mixer (controlling in real time mute/unmutes of certain channels)

But even if I’m right, renoise is still a great program. It gives a whole new approach to music production. Excellent work!

Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Russia.

As far as I understand, pitch-bend isn’t supported with samples due to the fact that sample-based pitch effects are relative (“increase/decrease pitch by this amount”), compared to the absolute values that VST instruments respond to (“set pitch to this value”).

However, with the release of Renoise2.0, the behaviour of the sample-pitch effect has changed, and is much simpler now (not depending on song tempo anymore). It should definitely be worth looking into, controlling pitch with a bend wheel is much more fun than entering pattern effects!