Using renoise as a synthesizer (video)

Using basic waveform samples and Renoise built in sampler tools, I show how you can use those to build a basic synthesizer. I explain the function of the envelopes, LFO’s, how NNA’s work and other Renoise functions.

Volume warning: My voice is MUCH quieter than the volume in Renoise, so be prepared for sudden loud volume when things in Renoise start playing.

This is really nice actually… Knew it all but didnt really use it but will try it out for sure. Interesting to use it like a wavetable synth as well… Thanks, and yes the volume problem is true(NSFW)

Nice video, explains everything well.

We have a few ‘synth’ tools now (see here). If you want to do a follow up video, an overview video of each ‘synth tool’ would be great. I can’t speak for the others, but mine (ReSynth) is essentially a waveform generator and front end UI to the instrument features.