Using Renoise For Amiga Demos


As a long time amiga fan and user, I’m currently investigating amiga demoscene, I’d like to make music for it, but it appears that the standard for amiga (at least) demos is the .DBM format, aka Digibooster, and P61 format.

Since I’m a registred (and happy) Renoise user, I don’t want (until it’s necessary) to buy another music software licence (in that case, future Morphos digibooster 3), and I’d prefer to use Renoise for my work.

Is there a way to use Renoise for my needs ?

Thanks !

write a .xrns to .dbm conversion script? Look at this tool for inspiration?

I don’t know how to script, but I’ll see if I can use these converted .mod modules.

Thank you !

I wouldn’t expect much unless you use PCM. Renoise is very different from Digibooster and conversion would remove all the fancy stuff like DSP effects and even many of the pattern effects and instrument parameters.

I know. THe best way should be to use a mp3 or whatever. So I’d be able to use any tracker for my work. The thing is that I want to use a demomaking tool, really great and easy (language looks like html and xml, called “karate fighter”) wich is only compatible with p61 (on classic amigas) and DMB (digibooster, compatible with PPC amigas with aftermarket sound cards).

I guess the 2 only ways are 1) buy a digibooster licence 2) beg Karate creator to introduce a pcm/mp3 player in his software :lol:

I guess I finally found a workaround. I’ll build a PC dedicated to UAE emulation, to simulate a “big” classic amiga (68060, rtg graphics). Then, I’ll be able to use .p61 modules (compressed .mod), so I’ll be able to build music “skeleton” on Renoise, export it in .mod, and then, reinject it on the “fake” classic amiga.

Last update, my workaround is not that great finally. :(

ANy help for a renoise > DBM convert tool will be appreciated (dreaming is free after all :lol: ) !