Using Renoise Live


I’ll be most probably using renoise in a live performance with several ppl playing live instruments.

Does anyone have any tips/experience to share with using renoise in a live performance? For instance, should I master a bit different, some useful keyboard shortcuts etc.

Since I (still) have a crappy integrated soundcard with high latency, I’ll prolly have to limit myself to just turning tracks on and off. Now I tend to have lots of tracks and I want to be able to mute/unmute them without much hassle and room for error.

One thing that I know would help alot is if there was a way to set tracks up in such a manner that certain tracks cancel eachother out. For instance, I never want tracks 2 & 4 to play at the same time, so when 2 is playing and I unmute 4, 2 should mute itself. Is there a way to do this?

Another idea is to have several ‘schemes’ each of them having certain tracks on and others off. Now I would like to be able to switch between them in a single click preferably.

Is any of this possible to achieve via routing tricks?

Switching between patterns in sync would solve my problems perfectly. Is there a way to maybe switch pattern in advance so that it changes when the previous pattern comes to end?

Please help, or else I’ll have to become the world’s fastest clicker :(

Thanks in advance

2and74 trraks yuo can route to one send track then if yuo
mute send track then mutes 2 and 4 tracks
so with sechems yuo can make the same thing