Using Renoise with audio interface and external mixer

Hi everyone,

I would like to use an audio interface and an external mixer, so i can use renoise in a “live” style, simply because I like the idea and feel of the “hands on” & semi analogue setup.

For the mixer I’d like something like an old 16 track soundcraft, tascam, etc.

To get the sound out of my computer and in to the mixer in seperate tracks of course I need an audio interface with 8 outs (maybe double that in the future), so here’s where I need abit of help :

A friend told me about the digidesign001, great sound and very cheap nowadays, however I’ve read on the forum that it is not compatible with renoise.

I’ve heard about the motu 2408 mk1, which has great sound as well and goes for quite cheap, does anyone know if this will be compatible with renoise ?

Or do you think I should go with a modern audio interface, for example :

Budget is an issue, this is why I’m looking at older models, I’m just worried about compatibility with renoise.

I’m on a 2007 imac running OSX snow leopard.


The ESI ESP1010e has 8 outs. They updated their drivers last quarter of 2012 too which makes it easier to mix the output channels in Windows as well.
You need a Pcix1 slot for the card.

I use an apple imac, I don’t beleive I have any kind of a slot ?! Can someone shed some light on this please …

I’m under the impression I will have to get something modern enough to use usb or firwire to not need a “card” that must go in a slot ?!

It looks like you are.

I would shy away from using a USB soundcard if you want to use more than about two stereo pairs or do much full duplex work. Especially if you are likely to want to have MIDI controllers and other peripherals (mouse, keyboard, HDDs, etc) connected via USB too. This only really leaves you the option of Firewire, of which that page suggests you have both a 400 and an 800 socket.

What is your budget? Seems reasonable from the links you have provided to options. I would probably recommend one of the RME Fireface range (FF400, FF800, Fireface UCX/UFX. Seems the FF400 may have been discontinued though.) You will not be able to use the Multiface II you linked to as it needs a HDSP interface card, which needs a PCI/PCIx/PCMIA/ExpressCard slot, as well as the external box! Apple users often appear to prefer the MOTU interfaces over the RME but both are generally very high quality and I can imagine you being very happy with either. I hear the Focusrite are meant to be good for the price too, if saving some pennies is important. There is no reason any of them should not be compatible with Renoise.

before my macbook pro die i use a fireface 400 with the firwire port and that works really good it’s discontinued but it really quality gears but that costs an arm lol