Using Renoise With External Effects Loops

I’ve got some really nice hardware effects units that I want to use to process renoise tracks.

How do I set this up?

I can get the sound to come in properly, but I can’t seem to get the send to work.

Any tips?

Are you a registered user?
If so, you can enable the ASIO drivers in Renoise. This should make it a snap to send audio from any of the tracks to the outputs you choose - as long as your soundcard has multiple outputs, of course :slight_smile:

Yes I am a registered user. I <3 Renoise. =)

I’m posting what I did here in case any other users search for it.

I created a track with my source, say kickdrum.
I picked the routing as you described to an individual output on my soundcard.

I created a blank track, and added a line-in device from my soundcard.

A bit of tweaking with the latency, and it works!