Using Renoise With Remote Directory Path

Hi there,

I’ve been using Renoise for a while and decided a few weeks ago to finally register (mostly due to the release of the linux version). My first post here is a good occasion to thank the authors of renoise for this great program.

And so, here’s my first question… :slight_smile:

I’ve set my working directory mounted from a remote server (with sshfs), so that all my .rns files are safer there than on my old clicking hard drive. It seems to be working but I now encounter some delays : aside from the normal loading/saving delays caused by the upload/download time, Renoise kind of ‘freezes’ for a few seconds every time I swap to another program (web browser, irc…) and then come back to renoise’s window (just like it was trying to re-scan the whole directory again from the online server).

So I was just wondering if anyone here has some experience to share ?

thanks in advance…

I’m pretty sure this is what is happening. In fact, I just spent a few minutes searching because I remember reporting this problem and being told it wasn’t a bug. Here it is, officially:

The workaround is to select a directory with fewer files in it before switching windows, or displaying the oscilloscopes instead of the file browser.

Accessing network resources is always slower than accessing your local devices.
Renoise always tries to fetch some basic header information from files inside the folders to get an impression what file it deals with. This information transfer is always going slower across a network.
As well as loading files from a network is going slower.

thanks for responding so quickly.

Conner_Bw, your tip has been pretty helpful.
Indeed, once I’ve selected the oscilloscopes, there’s no freeze when I reactivate the Renoise window, as it doesn’t have to scan the whole remote directory again.