Using Renoise Without A Mouse, Totally..

Maybe offtopic and not entirly a beginners question but still… Is it possible to operate and create a song from beginning to end without using a mouse? I’m asking this to figure out what has or needs keyboard shortcuts or not… So can I control the wav rendering to disk without a mouse for example? Control DSP sliders or even midimap them without clicking on the sliders itself? Just curious…

I don’t think so. You can make a lot of keyboard-Shortcuts in the configuration but as Renoise aims to be FT2-like, I think it is not possible to burn your mouse :)

FT2 refused to run, when there was no mouse present…

It’s not possible or even reasonable to use any new music production program without a mouse, since there’s so much graphical to handle these days. At least sample editor and VST’s require mouse to be anyhow usable. And in Renoise it would be real pain in the ass to make song without a mouse, even if there would be enough shortcuts and focus options etc… It’s not Impulse Tracker, you know. sigh

:rolleyes: But it’s just fine as it is. I’m starting to get used to it somehow (took me really long). Maybe thanks to new pattern sequencer, which is 7^2679 better than the FT style.

it is my understanding that the devs are looking into more widgets that allow keyboard control of fields that are mouse only at this point. I think it impedes productivity to have to go back and forth between the mouse and keyboard. at this point you could probably write a song without the mouse but you wouldn’t be able to add dsp-effects (though you can set their values from the pattern edit command collumn), perform some advanced edit options, adjust the speed/tempo, enter a name to save or change the current sample, just to name a few

no definately not. if not for the reason that you cant load samples or anything.

MORE mouse!!! LESS shortcuts!!!

ye! I AGREE!!! :yeah:

wow, thats two of … you. kinda. got new money robert ? :D we love you.

Or did you go out and find them?


Now that’s more like it.

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you can browse and load samples without the mouse.

l.ctrl+l.alt + arrow keys :)

oops. okay. I love my mouse. It glows in the dark and is in stylish blue. :P

Cool that’s the stuff I was looking for also :)

Don’t get me wrong but I’m using a laptop to write my songs so I like to avoid the use of mouse on that one if possible. That diskop shortcut is really helping already!

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