Using Roland aira system-1 in Renoise


My Roland aira don’t control native Roland vst sh-1 for aira series. Roland aira system-1 working just midi piano. Another daw this problem don’t have problem with controlling parameters. It’s problem with renoise or plug?


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I am guessing here, from limited information. Is there a VSTi that acts as a “bridge” controlling your synthesizer? If that VST is of VST3 format, you won’t have any luck as Renoise does not support vst3. Please check.

(I have this problem with the VSTi software for Yamaha Motif XS)

I have a System 1 and it works fine in Renoise. As stated above make sure you have the VST2 version of the software installed…

Ouch! Sorry for stupid question. How you connection your system-1 in renoise? Because i have just keys without controllers.

Thnx)))) and have nice day!