Using Sonitus Fx Suite Vsts With Renoise

Anyone using Sonitus FX suite with Renoise?

I get funny stuff using those. Loading up the reverb, saving and reloading the song, sometimes makes the reverb sound wrong, with a lot of predelay. Just opening and closing the reverb gui fixes it though, but I’ve moved on using other reverbs now, so I don’t end up forgetting about the reverb errors in the project later.

Also when loading up an EQ or 2 in every track gets you to the point where some EQ are bypassed when you try to render your track to wav. I had a project now, where I had to render a few tracks separate and later merge them together again in another tool with the rest, just because the EQ on some tracks always got bypassed with render. It didn’t bypass when listening in Renoise though.

Anyone noticed simulair behaviour I have to watch out for? Should I upgrade the plugins or is it just something with Renoise?


I’d always try to update the plugins to their latest version first, as bugs may be fixed in new versions.

Regarding the EQ problem, is the EQ from the Sonitus suite too? Have you tried to render in Real VST Compatibility mode? Also keep in mind when rendering seperate channels, that you don’t forget any send channels, the track might be playing on.

If it doesn’t help, post a bug report, don’t forget to specify your Renoise version.

Hey thanks,

Ya it’s the EQ from sonitus FX suite.

Haven’t tried this ‘Real VST Compatibility mode’ as I didn’t even know such thing existed. Have to look for that one tonight.

it did make a difference yesterday however when I went from rendering to 96khz back to 48khz.

Yesterday, while still trying to render the thing on 96khz, it started to randomize which EQ it would screw up. It wasn’t even always bypassing either, sometimes it was just sounding completly wrong as if it had screwed up the complete EQ in a random way. It did this with 1 or 2 EQ at random on some track(s), unknown beforehand.

Due to the randomness there was no way to render the problem track separate unless I would have rendered a wav for each track and redid the ones screwing up, but that’s a real pain to do (and a lot of disk space :P)

Ah well, 48khz seems fine for now. I’ll go look for that VST Compatibility mode tonight.

Edit: btw, could be it sounds fine in renoise, but not in 96khz render, because we usually have renoise running at 48khz asio or sometimes 44.1khz if the track is nearing full cpu usage and starts to choke at 48. So maybe I can hear the problem before rendering as I switch to 96khz within renoise. Might have a look on that one as well tonight I guess

You can select the “Compatibility” mode in the priority selection box, in the render dialog. Though it sounds more like a buggy plugin, when rendering in 96khz.