Using The Beta For Work?

is it safe to use the 2.8 beta for actual work? or should i stick with stable version? which version are you using for actual work?

Depends what you mean by “actual work”. If you are going to lose a massive contract because you can’t finish a task on time due to a software bug, you shouldn’t use beta software for that purpose. If you’re just working for yourself and a bug would be an annoyance, it’s probably safe to use the beta.

I made the decision to move to 2.8 so I could get used to the new commands and have not run into a single issue.

The new features are well worth it.

ah ok. yeah just a hobby thing.

i am writing a new song. not old. you said, for making ‘new’ songs. well this is my first song i ever did in renoise. are you saying, its ok to do a new song in the beta but if i was a old renoise user who had song done in 2.7 i shouldnt save the 2.7 song in 2.8 (i have no songs from 2.7) but wring new songs in 2.8 is ok and safe?

which version are you using jenoki?

I’m only using the beta as it’s much better and I havn’t found any bugs, but I wonder though when I’ll get used to the renumbering of the patterns in the sequencer, why is it doing that?

Thanks for the tip! I also use the numbers to keep track of the patterns, I strongly doubt this default change is for the better.

I’m with you. Unfortunately we seem to be a minority in the userbase; at least this is what we guessed during the alpha stage, but at least I managed to make it an option

Its not normally wise to do so but my crew and I are using the beta for RPM underway as we speak. I guess we have a lot of faith in renoise.

The pattern renumbering thing - That’s a toggle I personally will have permanently set off. Makes people write less repetitive music? It’s like changing the page numbers of a book. Annoying imho, but if it somehow helps some write less repetitive music I’m all for it. :)

We all backed this up. In the first Alpha rounds, this was no option but the only thing to coop with.

Can’t use it either.

Why is it supposed to lead to less repetitive music?

So all the songs made in the beta’s will open in the following release? I use 2.8b8 now and this will open in 2.8b9 or 2.8.0 official without problems?


That’s not the purpose of the new default sequence generation scheme. The purpose is just to bring logic.
If you want to repeat, you can duplicate or alias tracks along the sequence, the sequencer just only contains numbers frankly.
If you use the old method, it allows you to push specific patterns away as test buffers or other purposes that don’t require them to be in the sequence list. If you need to stock patterns without using them, then you need the old method, but for playing what is visible in the sequencer, i don’t consider anyone really requiring the old method for anything there.

I’ve played live a couple times with the 2.8 beta, maybe a foolish idea but I really wanted the groups to help organize my set, and to use the repeater DSP. Fortunately I had no troubles whatsoever!