Using the Leap Motion with Renoise via OSC

I’ve been workingperiodically on a Processing library for the Leap Motion hand-detection controller.

I was contacted by Leap Motion a little while ago because they are trying to promote assorted tool and library integration, and wanted to do a short promo, with an interview, about my library.

I agreed.

This lit a fire under my ass to clean up some code and get the examples into better shape.

The prime examples are a simple finger painting sketch and two sketches that convert finger placement and some gestures into OSC messages. Those examples are set up to use Renoise.

The examples include xrns files and should work as they are.

They are demo apps, not polished releases, so while they work and are plausibly useful they are lacking myriad features. Nonetheless folks here might enjoy playing around with them, more so if you are familiar with Processing.

The demos are available here:

Links to each example (and their README files) can be found here:

At the moment it is Windows only. I was having some issues getting the OSX versions built. I’ll get to that at some point. I’ve never done any Leap stuff on Linux so while I think the code should work there I’ve not tested it or bothered generating the executables.

Folks using OSX or Linux should be able to load the source code into the Processing IDE and run it from there.

If you find bugs I’d be interested in hearing about it, preferably using the issue tracker on Github. (No assurances as to when bugs would get fixed since this is a side project. But I do want stuff to work.)

Leap Motion should be publishing the promo thing in the next few days. Maybe it will spur increased interest in Renoise.