Using Tools

Hi, I’m still getting to grips with renoise and loving it loads so far… :D

One problem i’m having though is that I’ve installed a bunch of useful looking tools (irc chat, chord finder etc) but only some of them are showing up in the interface.

For example if I look into the tool browser I can see the irc chat, dec-hex converter and several others installed but how do I use them?? Some of them (Progressor, apregiator etc) show up in the tools menu so their use is clear but I can’t find the others!

Am I being stupid or have they somehow not installed properly??


Many tools are context sensitive. So for example if you have a tool that modifies the pattern data then it probably shows up in the pattern editor context (right-click) menu, or if you have a tool that creates/modifies sample data then it might show up in the sample editor context menu, etc. So think about what the tool does, and then look for it in a related context menu. Other tools are simply triggered from keyboard shortcuts. If all else fails, contact the tool author and ask them what the hell is going on :)

As dBlue explained, most tools are context sensitive, tools should be found on intuitive places.
For the IRC tool, try the “Help” menu :)

Cheers :)

That’s what I thought for things like the hex converter, find and replace etc. I’ll have a hunt and work them out…

Oops! I just found the irc one, so that’s making more sense now!

Sorry about that!

EDIT: Simultaneous post. Cheers vV!

Also, ideally each tool comes with a small description of it’s purpose - open the Tool > Tool Browser to read those descriptions…