Using V-machine In Renoise (Using Windows plugins

Hi there!

A few weeks ago I was searching for some nice vst for my pc and stumbled upon the tweakbench page. I found some nice VSTs and I read on that same page that there was a possibility to get those VSTs on my mac!

It turned out there was this program called v-machine that made .dll files possible to read on a mac. I love the concept, downloaded the program but never installed it, untill today (pampam-pammmm)

Since I am on my holiday adress I don’t have a midi controller but the program runs just fine. I cant get any sound out of it and I think thats because I… dont have a midi controller here.

Now, I was trying to get this to work in Renoise so I could finally use those tweakbench plugins but I cant find a way how…

…Does ANYONE know how I can use this program as a VST itself? Did I miss some fine print?

Thanks! :)

Nobody has ever wanted to use Windows VST’s on Mac systems? :(

I guess there are plenty VST alternatives on Mac for the ones on Windows. (Changed the title description to make that part more clear)
There are more than enough wanting to use Windows VST’s on Linux though…
But the description looks promising in the latter case:

The problem is that you completely misunderstood the concept of v-machine. The “program” you downloaded is not the thing that makes windows VST’s work. It’s a thing that uploads VSTs into hardware device.

V-Machine is an hardware device, much like Receptor, which can play VST plugins without a computer. There is supporting software to upload plugins and control them with VST interface.

That may sound true, but the developers also claim:

This read like “Use windows plugins on Mac”

Yes there are a lot of people using it to run Win VST on MAC ;)
You may find a lot more help at KVR


I tried this and found it inadequate.

It’s up there with trying to run native VST on Linux for me.

Some people will are into it, but I don’t see why I should bother with the extra hassle.

Seems more like a “gear junkie” thing than an actual solution.

Does this mean I can use Dblue Glitch on my mac???

Thanks, I tried that but wasnt possible.

That was what I tought :w00t: