Using Vst Instrument + "instrument Editor" ?


Since some months, I tested & I used VST Instruments with Renoise 2 on my PC for making music with high sound quality :slight_smile: I have got a new idea for the future version of Renoise 2 but I don’t know if it is possible :

=> I load one VST Instrument.
=> I don’t activate effects/panning if it is possible in the VST Instrument.
=> Possibility to using the enveloppe Volume+Panning in the “Instrument Editor” for the VST(i) loaded ? I know that the “Instrument Editor” is for only the . WAV samples or .MP3 format.

If it is possible, I think that many composers will use this :slight_smile: What do you think ?

Thank you & Greetings,


I think you should just resample the VSTi with “render selection to sample”.

Yes, thats the only way to do this. All you get from VSTs is one single audio stream where all notes you’ve triggered are played back at once.

So if you say to the VST, “play this note then that long and afterwards this and that note with chord bla”, then we have no possibility to separate the voices anymore. All voices are bundled into one audio stream. Instrument envelopes, like volume curves, do apply individually to each note, each “voice”, you play. So only the VSTi itself can offer such a functionality.

Image the VSTi as small hardware synth that gets trigger via good old MIDI inside your computer and is routed back via one stereo cable only back to the mixer/software. Thats how VST was designed and at the end also was implemented: “Virtual Studio Technology”