[v1.5]vol/pan/pitch/cutoff/reso Envelope Presets

the topic says it all.
i can’t find them (most probably because they’ve been removed :blink: ) and really miss them, especially for the volume env.
i really hope they’re going to re-introduced in 1.5 final.

wonder nobody else misses them, or am i just completely blind and too stupid to see’em?

edit: i’d also love to see a “clear envelope” feature, would be really helpful and save me from double-clicking every single point in the envelope.

you are not stupid keith, I miss them too and I think it should be added in the next alpha ;)

phew you just made my day ;)

but seriously, who’s able and willing to clean this mess in less than 30 minutes without trashing the left and/or right mouse button?


Cannot remember the exact combinatino right now, but I think it is shift+left mouse while dragging. That will overwrite the points. Start at the left, drag to the right… done in 1 second. :)

yay! :D
thanks johan, so shift + dragging left mousebutton is the combination to keep in mind for erasing the env.

ok and now tell me where to find the presets, pls B)