V1.8 Beta3


Just downloaded latest RNS V1.8beta3 -> I was IMPRESSED how much great stuff you implemented!!! No need to tell you anything - you just know what is best and you implement it!

Thank You for developing this fantastic music tool and best tracker ever!!

This version looks and works great [except it crashes much but as it is beta - it is normal]

I have some suggestions for final V1.8 :)

  • Plz can you implement Drag&Drop sample over Renoise window -> to allow Renoise to import sample and put it in first next free sample slot? [for example, you open MyComputer [Explorer] or TotalCommander, find sample you want [whatever it is - mp3, aiff or wav], grab it, drag over Renoise window and drop there -> renoise should load it. The same suggestion goes for dragging .rnx song over Renoise window or Renoise icon -> New instance of Renoise should open with this song opened :)

  • Small bug -> help file with keyboard shortcuts does not look ok at all when view from Opera browser :(

  • Plz can you implement [add] in HELP menu PATTERN EFFECT COMMANDS? I very often look for commands in Renoise.PDF help file I downloaded from your site

  • Plz can u implement [add too] in HELP menu READ OFFLINE HELPFILE [you can add either xml or pdf file you should include in final version archive] :)

  • maybe you can consider adding small option in sample editor - SILENCE [as in Wavelab, CTRL+0 = 0db sample] -> the same now works if I select part of sample and select Volume = 0. It works but if you can add shortcut for Silence Sample Tool -> would be great :)

  • and one more small thing: can you consider implementing Volume vector line over drawn sample. Imagine display vector levels as seen in Automation editor, just with graphics of the Sample in the background.
    With this volume tool you will be able to draw loudness and silence over the sample and will be able to control sample’s volume very precise. For now I can only play with volume on highlighted part of the sample, but imagine CurveLine that will controll its loudnes :) [I can draw a gfx in photoshop and link image here to see what I mean]

  • in previous version, it was possible to turn on and turn off menu [for example Sample Menu] on F4 and turn it off by hitting F4 again. Now, to bring back track editor, I`ll have to press F1. It is not big deal, but if you can bring back option to exit to track editor by hitting F4 again [or ESCAPE, once or twice?]. will help speeding up bringing back track editor a bit!

  • except crashing - this Renoise version ROCKS! Mixer Rocks! Amazing work! You bought my attention forever :)) ALL BEST!

Thanks for the comments and feedback.

But ehm, no, its not normal that it crashes. If you find out when this happens, post a topic about that into the 1.8 bug reports forum please. Thats the only way we can fix this…

right! so I tested it tonight roughly - luckily - it didnt crash at all!!! I tested everything! well if I find anything unusual [and what was causing it] -> Ill post it to bug reports.

something I couldnt understand is -> I tested this version at work and at home. the same "error" appears on both places: I got message during start up that Waves VST sfx plugin is wrongly installed and to fix this Ill have to reinstall Waves bundle again. [I have here installed: WAVES-SSL.4000.v1.1 and Waves Diamond Bundle v5.0.] I guess that Renoise somehow conflicts when rescanning VST dir with Waves Diamond Bundle v5.0 installed… somehow? But after this message appears, I restart Renoise and everything works fine. If I don`t restart Renoise and start song that has Waves plugin somewhere in track applied as sfx [mostly compressor and limiter] - renoise crashes.

Ill investigate this more tomorrow [as to test this Ill have to restart several times to be sure]. I`ll let you know. AFAIK - WavesBundle is the only plugin that causes problems and this message during starting. and it appears on both PCs…