V2 And Integration With Other Sequencers..

I have just seen that V2 is on the way.

I am wondering if V2 will be able to sync directly with Cubase? I guess this is an old question but maybe v2 will address it.

I’ve been tracking since the C64 but around 6 years ago I made a big shift over to Cubase because tracking just didnt do the things I needed to do quickly enough (sadly, and with much regret).

But trackers still do some things more effectively than the likes of Cubase, in my opinion. So using Renoise slaved to Cubase via ReWire would be perfect for me.

Is this possible (without using things like midi loopbacks etc)?


Indeed, MIDI loopbacks are still erquires, but to ease the pain you are able to set manual track delay to compensate for the MIDI delay that the connection supplies.