Vacation Options


Anyone here have a tip where a poor/cheap student & girlfriend from Holland can have a nice lill vacation? Basically any tip /good personal experience/report regarding a place in Europe would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I think it’ll come down to somewhere close to Holland, like: Germany or France, but I have absolutely no clue where the cool spots are there!



Yeah, I’ve heard of it, but never really looked into it. Will google to check the risks. If I’d swap, the person will have to take care of my 6 cats as well, and trusting my babies with strangers…mmm I don’t know :slight_smile:

Budapest and Vienna are my favourite cities in Europe, especially
Budapest is cheap compared to Dutch standards, though getting there
by bus is hell and expensive by plane.

Antwerp is a very nice city too, you can get there by train in an hour!
Youth Hostels are the way to go! Berlin is amazing too, not very cheap…
there are cheap hostels there too, though.

If all else fails: ROTTERDAM ;)

I would suggest Switzerland. Rent some chalet for a week in beautiful Alps and relax :)

Ahem… the most expensive country in Europe…?
Good views and chocolate, that’s for sure…

Actually its not expensive. It depends on what you do of course, if you want to live in the center of Zürich or something and eat out in restaurantes then sure, it can be expensive, but renting chalet in mountain village is cheap (especially in summer cause its “off season”). Last year we rented chalet in Leukerbad for 4-5 people (whole week) and it was under 400 Euros. 400/4/7 = aprox 15 euro per day per person. If you call that expensive then i dunno whats cheap :) Food prices in small markets where very affordable too… You can buy ingredients for regular prices there, nothing that expensive. But views are breathtaking. If you like mountains then this is perfect place for relaxation and inspiration :)This is a picture of Leukerbad after some 2-3 hours of climbing :)

I thought too that Switzerland must pe really expensive but it dont has to be. For example i visited Barcelona a month ago and it seemd to be much more expensive :) I guess it boils down to big citys vs smaller villages.

Two weeks from now, me and a friend are going to Berlin on vacation. :) What should we absolutely not miss out on? Any fun music-stores or other sound-related events that I should know about?

@junoir: Before going to Berlin the last time, I checked, they keep a great list of record stores. Dunno what your taste is, but there’s a bit of everything really…

danoise: thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out. :)

i came back to europe thru the Berlin and really liked my four days i stayed in the city. cool art/graffities, nice ug bars & clubs, cheap beer, great vegetarian food everywhere and the black gentlements had a good stuff to cure my jetlag… :) i really recom.

Well, to Berlin we went and I had a nice time in Taktik’s hometown. :) Too bad we didn’t make it to any clubs though, I think we needed to do some research to find the nice clubs and not just the regular “beer and top-of-the-pops-dancemusic”-places.

Yeah berlin all the way …copenhagen is a nice city too …but 000o0o0o0oOooOOO0 so damn expensive