Vadarfone - Vengwork

Trying to get the dream of my perfect trance track out into the open.

Im getting there I think. Haha.

Again, collabs are welcome, if you fancy.

Vadarfone - Vengwork

Hi vadarfone, thank you for sharing.
Your track sounds good, open and clear, just a little bit syncopated for my taste, some more groovy i feel for this music style.

I’m open to collabs too, listen my music and if you feel ok…let’s go


Its my song mate, and I will put the clap anywhere I bloody well like. :drummer:

god damn it! renoise 2.0 delay columns bring too much freedom of expression!!! BRING BACK THE 1.9 FASCISM!!!

lol…good start dude, needs a thwopping bassline.

I’m listening to your tune right now, while I type this - I’ll be honest and say trance is not really my thing - mainly cause I don’t listen to it that often, though I have an open mind to any form of expression.

Your tune has some real nice layers of ambience to it, all in all I think it is pretty neat, I’d love to give you some recomendation to improve it - but since I don’t really know trance…

Thanx for your comment on my tune, I’ll keep what you said in mind.

Breif Review: Rather zoney ambient layers - brings into mind a picture of night clubs with fog and nice lights (atleast to me anyhow). Reminds me of years gone past in the clubbing scene. (people 30+ years don’t really mingle to well in young crouds - lol)

The beat is really stumbling, the chord not really original. The constant low bass sounds like a feedback in a mixer. I like the smooth fading in strings.
All in all the track does not sound very complete.

Sweet man, cheers. Glad you liked it. :blink: