Valovoima - Varanger Peninsula

New record out: Varanger Peninsula

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#electronic #breakbeat #triphop #acid #distortion

I got some interesting thoughts when I was listening to the album and checking Varanger Peninsula on the net. It goes like this: what if the continent location is a collage which should be assembled as a jigsaw puzzle in order to make the whole picture? It could be a joke left for us by our creators in order to see if we could guess and do this. Unfortunately, we are always busy with some stuff of ours. May be. An interesting thought triggered by as much interesting work. Sometimes it sounds tough but does not lose its tune. It tells the story of the land, of the history, of its own. Dialogia Varanger sounds cosmically. The sea noise resembles the voice of the space. Favourite track: Synthesis Router.

Thanks for your feedback! It’s a beautiful place, I’d recommend visiting there.