Van Gogh Only Sold One Painting In His Life

The best way for those of us who are new to tracking to get better is feedback. If someone keeps releasing songs and keeps getting only 10% and nobody tells them how to improve, they will probably stop writing music.
I didn’t use to post because I was afraid of saying the wrong thing.
Most of communication is “body language” and our “tone of voice” we do not have these here. We just have these amusing faces :huh: :o :D :P
I know the more I talk to people, the more likely they are to understand me.

You do not have to be better at tracking to help someone become better.
We all have things to learn and things to teach. :rolleyes:

No one can truly rate art and if nobody likes Your music it may mean You are just ahead of Your time. :rolleyes: Van Gogh only sold one painting in his life.

well said, i completely second that.

Hey Zed… I agree to most of your post… :) but… hey… :o I would NOT like to be like Van Gogh if he spent such a bad time in his life!
;) :D
What’s the use in being famous when you’re not there to enjoy it?? :lol:

@ Parsec

I agree, one does not have to cut there ear off to make good art. :)
I was trying to convey that many good artists/composers go un noticed in there life. I was also trying to convey that Van Gogh stayed true to his art and did not try to change it to (only) get famous. I do not think there is anything wrong at all with becoming famous or enjoying it.

do you remember the Song I prefer?

many of you have found this song to be really enjoyable;
now that’s the Sundew melodic compo reviews…

It came last, 31st out of 31, by the way, even worse than "The Wonderful Cat to Ping Pong Table Transformer Tunnel", which came 30th :rolleyes:


which are the main sites that organize musical contest?? Is there some contest to join actually?? I would like to join one of them, one day…

:) :) :) :)

:drummer: thanx :drummer:

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take a look at
modplug central

most of compo announcements are given there.

there is also a compo for ReNoise files:
Complete MOD Compo