Van Halen :d

I used that vocal track that’s been floating around the net from Van Halen’s Running with the Devil and remade the music with renoise 2, it’s still a work in progress but I can’t believe how close it sounds to the original so far:

r0cko with the Devil

I don’t see much point in replicating the original. Why not create something original with the track?

But I guess if you are doing it for the challenge, then… Good work. :)

now all you need is a digitized sounding “running with the devil” … perhaps talkbox shoved through buffer override :P

Yeah it’s just for fun man. Just to see how close I can get to the original. thanks.

@byte-smasher: Yeah! It is lacking that :P

Thats very cool and quite impressive.

Though the basedrum and snare sounded a bit weak, but perhaps they do that in the original too?