Variable Master Peak Levels

So I’m tidying up my track to prevent clipping, and avidly watching my master channel’s peak level. Play my track through once, get a peak of around -4.5dB. Let the whole track loop through a few times and over time, the peak will come up to more like -3.0dB. It’s the same track, just on repeat, so how is the peak level changing over time?

[Disclaimer : I’m new at this whole music production thing, not just new to Renoise]



At various points in the track, on various channels (and I’m quite picky about turning them on and off with pattern effect commands), I have :-

  • Gainer
  • Phaser
  • Compressor
  • EQ 5
  • G-Sonique XBass4000L
  • BolsteriserCM
  • Filter
  • Delay

On the last row of the last pattern, I have an OFF on every track column too.

Can’t pin it down to the ones with phasers, but you technique of soloing to find it is a good one that I’ll work on later to discover the problem. Thanks dude.

Hmm., think it’s where I bring in a bassline by sweeping the cutoff up and resonance down on an LP filter. I’ll rein it in a little, which hopefully will keep the peaks down