Variax can emulate a bass guitar?

Can emulate a bass guitar?

Doesn’t look like it based on the Sales pitch and a quick web search.

If you want to emulate bass with a normal electric guitar, you could do worse than a separate output going through an octaver pedal and a bass amp / cab sim.

For example, I run a separate output from my electric guitar or baritone guitar using a Submarine Pickup → Boss OC-3 → bass amp / cab sim. This means I can isolate a bass output and record it simultaneously to the guitar (albeit not in Renoise because of the sample recording limitations).


yes,seem to work well :+1:‍‍

I have the idea of putting a inst to line preamps+ an Aptx bluetooth emitter+Aptx headphones

What is your advices to choose an electric guitar? for a beginner

To be brutally honest, just buy whatever sounds good to your ears and stay within your set budget.

Best thing to do is go to a guitar shop and try a few and don’t worry about brand or anything - just buy what you think sounds good, feels good and what you can afford. No need to spend mega money either, don’t let marketing hype or an upselling salesperson influence you.