Various Smaller Wildlife Type Chaps (pics)

Various wildlife shots taken between June and August, including a dead bat I found in my garden :( :

Simply beautiful stuff! I definitely need to spend some more time in Scotland!

I don’t have anything more recent, but here are a couple of shots of a cool frog I stumbled upon (almost literally) while out riding my bike one day in 2004.

Great pictures from both and nice focus.

I really like the walking cactus larvae… <3

(edit: oops, missed the “smaller” in the title)

La Gomera! :D

not from La Gomera:

This is the best topic on the board, these are all excellent.

Johann, I love that seagull pic.

Achenar, do you get those mad wasp things up by you? The ones that make a really high, loud, whirring noise?

“Ants on Ice Lolly” << want as poster!

Yeah la gomera is da bomb :w00t: …st-sebastian …playa del medio …sleeping in da caves ,hippie style hmmmmmmm

I had no idea what that might be, so no. Just tons and tons of midges at this time of year.

Great Images, really enjoyed wathing them! You are quite skilled with the camera!

Thanks, and cheers ;)

If you mean that seriously, let’s do business haha! Since you’re my first customer, I’d say: costs plus a symbolic 50 cents. I won’t give you the full size jpeg though, so either I print it and send it to you or I use a online poster print service and enter your address or something, something like that would be the most simple I guess.

Yesness! Although I have to admit I know mostly Valle Gran Rey… my first childhood memories are from there :dribble: