Vb Ffx4

I keep trying to use this to input a DX effect. Very occasionally it works, most of the time it says ‘plug in error’
Does anyone else have this problem. Is their an alternative DX/VST wrapper (I’ve searched but this seems to be the only one)

I suggest I purchase the VST version then.

DX plugins are not officially supported. They don’t work natively and may work when you use a wrapper. And how well the wrapper works is up to the developer of the wrapper rather than Renoise.

I’ve read such a thread at KVR.


It is the beta version which is still not useful enough(I think).
But maybe, we will be happy if this software is completed. :)


I’ll try this out.

works a treat, thanks agin, problem sorted!!

Oh, really!?
It wasn’t work fine when I tried in my PC…
There might be difference of compatibility with each plug-in.

Anyway, the result was good. :D