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JUst donwloaded the free ‘VULT’ modules …those filters are marvelous …especially when audio rate modulated …

The steiner -parker filter is just jummie :wink:

It rivals u-he bazille and even the best reaktor block filters .

I’m so stoked

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Quick description of how to use vcv rack mulitimbral , receiving on seperate mdi channels .( windows ) and audio outs

Assume you have created a bass patch , snare and a pad all in vcv rack .

You’ll need to load 3 separate 'midi 1 ’ modules , ‘all set to bridge port 1’ ; set each module to the midi channel for( see screenshot )1 for bass , 2 for snare , 3 for pad

Then you’ll need to create only 1 'audio out ’ module set to bridge port 1 …these can carry 4 stereo outs …

Route each instruments to a stereo out of this module

In renoise load vcv rack vst and set to port 1 and select the appropriate audio outs

Create 2 aliases , set to midi channel 2 and 3 for each alias

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Somebody made a vst version, looks interesting

There is a thread on kvrabout it

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Somebody made a vst version, looks interesting

There is a thread on kvrabout it

been playing with it for a minute now, amazing that this is free.

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This is awesome!

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They just added a Linux port for VeeSeeVSTRack a few days ago, I’m going to test it right now. For me it’s a pity that this is not a VST from the start, and as well I don’t understand the statement that the format implies certain limitations when you have the whole FL Studio DAW in VST format working perfectly.

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The developer is workng on an official vst plugin , but it will be payware … around 60-100 euro

Vcv rack standalone will remain free

quote from developer

-quote -

I think the current schedule is to release Rack v2 along with a VST version at around $60-100 in ~12 months. Rack v2 standalone will be BSD/LGPL to keep encouraging plugin developers and standalone users, but the VST version will be financially supported by users who are more likely to make money with the software (i.e. producers who don’t have time to mess with non-DAW software). VCV Bridge will be discontinued, but since it’s also open-source, others are able to maintain its support if they wish.


You can read all about it on kvr audio , the developers alias over there is 'vortico ’

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veeseevst is awesome, will keep me busy a lot in future, thx a lot for mentioning the linux port


Anyone having issues with vcv rack on mac? whenever i create automation point to automate via bridge (single/some parameter), it starts freezing and cpu gets above 30/40% or so. Any issues? i’m on mac tho. I will test it on linux tonight to check, and if i find different results i will post gif of behavior. :slight_smile: