Vdrum (roland td50k) with renoise making a kit

Is there some go to guide. or maybe a xrnx already setup for this kit?

I’m trying to do it right now and it’s super tedious and it also sounds pretty poorly. Well the kick and snare now sounds great for me, but the hihat is very very hard to get right in renoise.

When playing the hihats on my roland kit there are like a billion notes and commands for each hit in renoise.

Anyway to fix this so there is only ONE actual hit into renoise instead of like 9 per hit?

If I use vsti drumkit superior 3 which one of the guys working there gave me, there are only one audible hit.
But if I simply listen to midi on a sample there is a billion hits.

Here is what recording a simple drum beat looks like in renoise :smiley:

Try these steps:

  1. Check the filters. If necessary, deactivate the last 4. Check what each filter is for…
  2. Go to the Instrument Editor / Sampler, and check that each sample is routed to a single note, within each instrument.

but that will affect ALL midi devices and all channels right?