Here’s a new song in progress. This past week I’ve been dealing with a bit of the flu, so getting the vocals recorded has been a pain. The problems I was having with my sound (the crackle problem) was related to my processor–my video card fan fried out, overheated, and then my main processor fried out–so now I have an actual P4 3.2ghz (I’ve been using AMD for years and wondered why people would pay more for an Intel, but now I know–ALL of my programs run with more solidarity, and especially programs like Renoise with lots of effects, or Cubase or Pro Tools, run better than ever–I’ll probably never go back to AMD).

Anyway, this vocals on this recording are okay in some places and need to be re-recorded in others. All the background vocals and harmonies need to be re-recorded, as they’re still in the form of when the ideas were first made and I had no words to the song yet.

EDIT: Here are the lyrics:

I don’t know but to tell you the truth
I don’t see the way to go
You can see I don’t act like someone who’s trying to make a steal
I don’t know just what makes the business world and I don’t care
That’s why they say I have no chance but what I’m telling you is true

(they say)
open up
to another kiss (ass)
another word
to get a deal

So much work
another push
another shove
to make it real

I don’t care just what they say I’ll have it another way
They say that I should
get another job
in another field
(well) in another life

I don’t know but to tell you the truth
I don’t read the local news
I bs in my circle of friends and the internet is one of them
I don’t think that the corporate news is a bad thing on its own, well no it is
I just read inbetween the lines of what they fail to show

You know it’s not easy to the eyes, all the people dying – ohhhh
As they’re attacked by a disease – oooh
and everything crude you see
could happen to you and me
in this world

Now you wonder when this crap will end
You’re glued to your tv set
So you order pizza and explain
that life is just a game

I don’t know but to tell you some lies
I think everything’s alright
and I think that the future dow-jones will lead us right into the light
and I feel that the troops in Iraq are just having a grand old time
'cuz if you don’t take your punishment, how did you commit a crime?

(and they say)
open up your can of worms
your jar of fear
to make it real

(and I say)
open up your field of view
your state of mind
don’t fall behind

I’ve dropped the vails to my life, now I can’t see the older way
Now I see!
I’ve dropped the veils
I’ve burned the veils
that halt my life

Solid track, but the vocals sound a bit strange for me, like they are more away from the rest of the instruments. This track has also to much reverb on some instruments, so it sounds a bit hollow to me. Beside this, good!