Velocity On Individual Vsti Notes?

Hello all,

I tried searching for the answer to my question, but was unable to find it.

I have been repeatedly running into a frustrating experience with VSTi’s and velocity. I have a track with many subtracks and Kontakt 2 running as a virtual instrument (although it doesn’t really matter which VSTi it is). I’ve loaded the grand piano and am trying to do some arrangements. If I assign velocity to each note in each subtrack, I do get different samples triggered - however, is there a way to control the velocity of each note? If use the XY ff efect to change the volume, that affects the whole instrument. I ran into the same problem with several other VSTi’s…



if I get you carrectly, you would like to variate the volume of a note AFTER the note has started.

this cannot be made by changing the velocity: the MIDI protocol (on which the VST standard is based) does not allow such things.

Using Kontakt2, you should modify the volume envelope (or add one, if none) in the amplifier => modulation section of the instrument in order to change the after-triggering behaviour of the note.

this is a limitation of VST standard; normale ReNoise instruments give you control over the volume on every moment

hmm setting a different velocity for each note should work.

C-4 30 E-4 3A G-4 40
should play C-4 as the quietest, and G-4 as the loudest.

this won’t work if you have set something like this:

if the slider is at the center, velocity will have no effect on volume, so the only way to change the volume is to play a quieter sample (which indeed happens when you set a velocity which is under the range of a louder sample).

Sorry if what’s written above sounds obvious to you, but, as I said, what you are experiencing should not happen; maybe “the grand” is imported incorrectly? :unsure: