Velocity Range

we discussed this into other threads in the past, but I think that now, with MIDI import, the time has come for [00…FF] velocity range, at least for VST instruments too.

Of course, it would be great to have this extended range for RNI too.

I think this is nothing really difficult to implement, are there chances to see this into 1.5?

Agreed, but - isn’t MIDI velocity (and all other controllers) range 0…127 (00…7F) ?

Agree. It’s about time. I suggest making it 256 for all instruments and then internally scale it down to 128 for MIDI/VST.

But for 1.5…? Sounds like a bad idea. Ok, it may be a simple change, but it’s still a structural change that I doubt will be implemented without one or more bugs following it.

1.5 has a velocity range of 00-FF if you use the note command 03xx. Is this not what you’re looking for? I’ve not tried to use it with MIDI - 6 bits of velocity is enough resolution for my purposes - but it works fine for VSTi’s.

Or do you mean that MIDI import should use this command for velocity instead of the normal volume track?