Velocity Release Control Command Still Recorded

Hello Dev’s,

i hope, i can use the chance to report an old “problem” and hope you can repair it.
Some poeple have an good old synth with very elaborateness keyboard functions, like velocity release control sending. (controller command, how fast you release the keyboard)
Renoise recorded it of course, but its very useless for finishing things.
Can you elimiate this one controller before you close the coding on this version ?

Thank you!!



I for one like release velocity. True, it isn’t used on most synths and softsynths today, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come in handy. It’s good for organ emulation in particular.

Not really a bug, is it? :confused:

Which CC number is that? Let me add an option in the MIDI prefs for that and also bring back the “record NoteOffs” option…

I suppose its not CC,but Data Byte of the ‘Note Off’ event. Here is the detailed table:
its part of The Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification

This actually got me thinking… perhaps Renoise could have a MIDI configuration screen which allowed you to filter out (enable/disable) the various different messages? It seems a bit short-sighted to simply include 1 or 2 toggles for certain things, but a more comprehensive config would no doubt be incredibly useful for people. For example, what if I want to filter out all pitch-bend messages, or mod-wheel, or note-offs, or aftertouch, etc., or to simply ignore CC 57, or CC 32, or whatever.

All of this stuff could probably be done with MIDI OX or something similar, but it’s always nice to have these options built right into your favourite host :)

I like taktik’s solution for an option. We really should not ignore this event.


i don’t know whitch controller number it is, i believe it is not a controller instead a sysex command or something…
Renoise shows

—00…90 7B00

in the second row after the note

thanks for discussing this behavior.