I’m having a bit of trouble working out how the volume command (which goes from 0-80) relates to the velocity of a vsti (which in other DAWs ranges from 0-127)

is there a way i can calculate what volume i should enter in the effects column if i wanted a velocity of say 60


go to and enter “60 in hex” and you get: “60 = 0x3C”

for the reverse just enter: “convert 0x3c to decimal” and you get: 0x3c = 60

if you are on windows and don’t have inet access:

start the calculator
check that “dec” is activated
input 60
activate so “hex” is on and you get 3C.

awesome! thanks so much


I really hate to sound like a noob, which I still am, what is does velocity do? I heard it helps when making sub bass that hit odd frequencies.

another way is to use Hex-Dec converter tool (for Renoise 2.6 and above only)

thinking of a piano keyboard, velocity tells how “hard” the player strikes a key: the harder the stroke, the higher the velocity.

it is a parameter which is usually directly related to the volume of a note, since it is usual that a stronger velocity means higher volume, but it is a different parameter: you could even set an instrument so that higher velocities correspond to lower volumes