Venetian Snares, agan

Maybe you’ve already read it, but in case:

I bet there will be a peak in the visits to the website

Soundforge used to be so fast once you got the hang of the keyboard. I used to do entire tracks purely in soundforge (inspired mostly by melf’s work). Seems like Sony has kind of gummed it up but oh well. Most of the operations I used soundforge for I can do in renoise now anyway. I still like to do “hand constructed” glitches, gating, reverse effects, and all that stuff in the audio domain. The one thing that’s missing is rapid effects processing. It’s kind of a chore to add effects to a track, select region, monitor, process, then remove the effect.


And forget hardware wank, that shit is for dads. Depth and soundstage and warmth my fat ass.


Soundforge is still by far my preferred wave editor! Although I am using the budget version 9 so maybe something has changed a lot in the latest version…