Venetian Snares - Like Tooth Decay

Can anyone definitively tell me the time signature of this track,i think it is 10/4 but im not entirely sure

Quite a strange one indeed.

I count 21/8.

I think you might be right,i think maybe a little sneaky bastard 8th note was throwing me off,its hard to know though

ok its 237 bpm 21/8 Thanks!

Speaking of which, how do you accomplish these weird time signatures? I’ve seen old threads, but I didn’t really understand them.

how do you accomplish these weird time signatures?

For this particular track, I listened carefully until I could clearly identify a repeating pattern within the music, where a main hook or some other key sound repeats itself very noticeably. Once I had that, I first tried counting it out in terms of full beats, ie. n/4 time, but the pattern within the music was repeating slightly off-beat — That’s why ToybOx was not quite able to decide on 10/4 time, because it didn’t quite fit.

So, if counting full beats doesn’t quite work, then we can try to change the denominator and count 8th notes instead. That’s how I ended up calculating 21/8 time, which is simply 21 x 8th notes per bar.

Using the default 4 LPB (lines per beat) in Renoise, one 16th note is 1 line, one 8th note is 2 lines, one quarter note (beat) is 4 lines, and so on.

So… 21/8 at 4 LPB = (21 x 2) = 42 lines per bar, and your pattern lengths will therefore be some multiple of 42.

Technically speaking, you can also break down 21/8 in other ways like 7/8 which also totally works for this track.

More useful info…

21/8 example:

Septuple info:

How to play 7/8 rhythms:

Yep pretty much what dblue said,i was counting 5s but i was thrown off by the sneaky little 8th note at the end,21/8 is only an 8th note longer than 10/4 because 10/4 = 20/8 i would add though that working at higher lpb makes life easier when working at these speeds,more of a preference really but in my mind makes more sense to use 16 lpb and higher for higher resolution fills and rushes without having to bother with re-triggers and that.Seeing 180 bpm + speeds running so slowly in a pattern at a low lpb just feels really odd to me it just doesn’t sit right,i like to see the pattern moving relative to the speed of the music which I’m hearing if that makes sense,again just a preference.