Venetian Snares - Renoise Video…oise-video.html. :ph34r:


it has been posted twice :)

but, as we say here “three is the law” ;)

Oh, I’m late to the party then… :huh:

Ehm, then consider it as a bump. ;)

So does Venetian Snares make all his music on Renoise?

all the recent stuff, yes. the new upcoming ep and album is completely made in renoise.

hahah, no it’s not.

that’s what he told me

and strike. lol, nice one.

Impressive stuff. I’d like the patience to do that. How many blocks do you reckon they go through? :blink:

i actually hadn’t heard of venetian snares until somebody posted a video a couple months ago… when i saw the topic thread i thought it was some kind of technique for making your snares sound special or something

how is that possible you didnt know vsnares?? :blink:

I didn’t know who or what venetian snares was up until several months ago as well. When you are not “in the scene” how does one hear of more obscure artists?

same here ;)

hadn’t heard about him either. :rolleyes:

What’s a tracker?

Def Leppard rulez!!

their drummer only has 1 arm…


Vsnares has only one tracker :(

I thought it was an electronic drumset or something like this, until I saw the video, the ancient day on which it has been posted here for the first time :)

shame on you guys ;)