Venetian Snares - Renoise Video

I disagree… he has Renoise, Modplug, and whatever other trackers he’s used in the past. :P

Snares is definitely a kickass artist though… :drummer: … and to think when I lived in Winnipeg, I didn’t even know he existed… :rolleyes: … oh well.

I kinda wish he had used one of his other tracks for that video though… and perhaps a direct sound line to the video camera so that listeners could actually hear all the fine detail :P

i kinda wish that all my music documentaries i have
recorded in the past was on dvd and not vhs… ;)
but i have bought tv-card and cables that’s gonna do the trick…
a question of time and efforts before i start. :unsure:

but i get your point. he has cooler sounds done than that i heard there.
im interested in seeing more videos of tech.stuff music wise.

mabe something with setups of controllers in renoise…
live tweaking stuff.

Anybody near England should come check this out, it’ll be a Renoise love-in: